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The 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes: Men

Zac Frank

Sleeve Lengths

This guy knows what he’s doing.

It doesn’t matter what it says on your business card if you’re handing it out with a hand swimming in fabric. It may sound minor, but if the sleeves of your shirt and jacket are not the right length, you’ll look silly. Basic rule of thumb: your wrist is there for a reason.

For shirt sleeves: they should go no more than a half-inch past your wrist when you’re standing with your arms to your side. When you buy your shirts, you can get ones that just button tightly around your wrist, but there is a better way. If you can, don’t buy shirts that come in sizes S, M and L. Get shirts that have both neck and arm measurements.

Figure out what size fits you in a particular brand you like and can regularly afford. Stick to that brand. Shirt sizes are not absolute and even if two different brands of shirts have the same number measurements, they will likely fit differently.

For jacket sleeves: They should not go past your wrists when standing with your arms by your side. Period. Ideally, they will fall a half-inch above. Avoid one of the biggest mistakes American men make: buying Long. Unless you’re over six feet tall, you probably don’t need to buy a Long and should get a Regular.

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