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The 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes: Men

Zac Frank

The Rumpled Suit Back

You have a chair glued to your back! Okay, not really, but if the back of your suit is covered in wrinkles you look equally ridiculous.

What to do? When you’re sitting at a desk or in your car, take your jacket off. If you’re on a business lunch and can’t take your jacket off, that doesn’t mean you have to run to the dry cleaners right after. There’s one simple tool all professional men should have. A portable, hand-held steamer. Rowenta makes a great one for under $40 that you can keep at home, in the office, or take on a business trip. You don’t even need an ironing board to use it! They are well worth the investment. I purchased an older model in 2003 which I still have (and use) today.

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