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Your Work Values Checklist

Pat Boer | Monster


What values are important to you?

Extrinsic Values

These are the tangible rewards or conditions you find at work, including the physical setting, job titles, benefits and earnings/earning potential. Extrinsic values often trap people into staying at jobs they don’t like, saying: “I just can’t give up my paycheck!” They are commonly called “golden handcuffs.”

How important (on a scale of one to five; five being most important) are these “golden handcuffs” to you?

1. _____ Have control/power/authority
2. _____ Travel often
3. _____ Be rewarded monetarily
4. _____ Be an entrepreneur
5. _____ Work as a team
6. _____ Work in a fast-paced environment
7. _____ Have regular work hours
8. _____ Set your own hours/have flexibility
9. _____ Be wealthy
10. _____ Have prestige or social status
11. _____ Have intellectual status
12. _____ Have recognition through awards/honors/bonuses
13. _____ Wear a uniform
14. _____ Work in an aesthetically pleasing environment
15. _____ Work on the edge, in a high-risk environment

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