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Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Susan Aaron |

You can’t surf the TV channels or go through the supermarket checkout aisle without hearing all about Gwyneth’s new baby stroller or the dirt on Britney’s latest shopping spree. But between tips on how to imitate celebrity looks, are there career lessons to be learned from rich and famous women?

Madonna: Mistress of Reinvention

When Madonna became famous in the early ‘80s, who could have predicted her staying power? In the tradition of other legends like the Beatles and Bowie, the Material Girl never lets her look, sound or show become last year’s rehash.


“She is a model for us to refresh ourselves,” says Meehl, who tells clients to seek new knowledge and experiences in order to stay current and sell themselves to employers. “So many people wait to be anointed with knowledge.”

Madonna also rarely shortchanges herself. In a horseback interview with the pop icon, David Letterman learned that she would not be satisfied with his choice of horse.

How many times do women take what others offer, not going after their true desire? “If women ask for what they want, they worry that they’ll be seen as bitches,” Meehl says. The impulse is sometimes in the name of diplomacy. But when working toward a goal, you must choose the best resources and strategies.