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Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Susan Aaron |

You can’t surf the TV channels or go through the supermarket checkout aisle without hearing all about Gwyneth’s new baby stroller or the dirt on Britney’s latest shopping spree. But between tips on how to imitate celebrity looks, are there career lessons to be learned from rich and famous women?

Martha Stewart: Domestic Mogul with Moxie

Going to prison should have been career kryptonite for Stewart. But without apology or fanfare, she chose to serve her recent jail time like something to be checked off a to-do list. Stewart commented during sentencing that she wanted to be released in time to tend her spring garden.


How does the average woman stay steady in the face of such career-rocking moments? “Keep the big picture in mind,” Meehl advises. Stewart “knew the garden and the business were going to be there for her when she got out.” As noted in Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, keeping an eye on the end goal helps you keep the bumps along the way in perspective.

Before Stewart was a mogul of all things domestic, she was a model, investment banker and caterer. Her college major? Art history. While education and training are fundamental to success, so is simply doing.

Some women may lack Stewart’s moxie. For them, Meehl suggests “building on past, even private, successes.” Gradually, larger triumphs will build the necessary risk tolerance for real-world success.