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Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Susan Aaron |

You can’t surf the TV channels or go through the supermarket checkout aisle without hearing all about Gwyneth’s new baby stroller or the dirt on Britney’s latest shopping spree. But between tips on how to imitate celebrity looks, are there career lessons to be learned from rich and famous women?

Oprah Winfrey: Nurturing Visionary


Winfrey rewrites the blueprint for business success daily by replacing the model of the cutthroat businessperson with that of the nurturing helper. This is a woman who has increased her market share with tactics like encouraging people to read more. Winfrey shows women there’s a place for all talents.

Think your quiet nature is at odds with your love of theater, or that your extrovert tendencies are out of whack with your love of libraries? Meehl encourages women to research professions, going beyond the common ones, to suit their unique needs and desires.

Shortly after her talk show went on the air, Winfrey formed Harpo Productions. The company now owns the television program, produces movies, operates a Web site, publishes a magazine and runs motivational conferences. Winfrey’s retention of creative control reminds us not to outsource our vision to others.