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Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Lessons Learned from Celebrity Career Women

Susan Aaron |

You can’t surf the TV channels or go through the supermarket checkout aisle without hearing all about Gwyneth’s new baby stroller or the dirt on Britney’s latest shopping spree. But between tips on how to imitate celebrity looks, are there career lessons to be learned from rich and famous women?

Lessons from All 3 Celebrity Career Women

Underlying the success of these women is the greatest lesson of all, Meehl says: Madonna, Stewart and Winfrey all are true to their authentic selves.

Holding fast to their ambitions may have been met with derision along the way, especially since the confidence and drive needed to follow one’s own path are not considered typical female traits. But the proof is in three of the most successful businesses of all time.

Who knows? If you follow their lead, you too may someday be known around the office by only one name.