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Do-It-Yourself Career Development

Do-It-Yourself Career Development

Barbara Demarest | Articles Base

Key Relationships – people learn from other people. You have a chance to build on relationships as part of your personal career management strategy. Ask yourself:

• Is there someone in your network or at your office from whom you can learn something new that would help you in your career?

• Is there a transferable skill that you think you will need to have mastered before you change jobs?

• Is there a perspective that someone else might have that you would like to understand so that you can do your job more effectively?

• Is there a person you could mentor and in teaching someone else you could more fully embrace your own skillset?

Active Engagement with New Information – here’s a place where we can all “do-it-ourselves” because of the wonderful gateway of the internet. It isn’t always necessary to travel and sit in a classroom to learn something new. Download a podcast, read a book review, commit to 30 minutes a week to learning something new that will enhance your career. We’re all victims of information overload, but new information that is relevant to either your current job or the one you plan to take on next, is critical to your success. Take the time to read, listen, and learn. There’s a wealth of good information out there for you to soak in.

And don’t forget that there is help – even for those of us who feel we are doing a lot of do-it-yourself work these days. There are executive coaches, performance coaches, online tools and resources, groups to join – in person and online – and if you are in a large enough and healthy enough organization, your HR department. Take advantage of these resources, but understand that when all is said and done, it is up to you to see what you need to secure your future, set a plan, and then work the plan.

Barbara Demarest received her MBA from the Babcock School of Management at Wake Forest University and her BA from Duke University. Barbara focuses her executive coaching and marketing consulting practice,, on people and organizations who want to share their management and leadership expertise with the marketplace. You can find Barbara’s profile on

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