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5 Tips for Writing Powerful Thank-You Notes

5 Tips for Writing Powerful Thank-You Notes

Photo courtesy of Iain Farrell, Creative Commons

December 10, 2009

3. Highlight Your Core Professional Competencies and Successes

If the company communicated its ideal qualifications for a candidate, use your thank-you letter to outline how you meet or exceed each qualification.


You’ve interviewed for the position of EVP of technology and product development with a high tech venture, and company officials have clearly communicated four essential candidate qualifications. Help them see that you have those four qualifications by providing an overview of your career highlights.

4. How Long Should Your Thank-You Letter Be?

Of course, as with anything else in a job search, there is no definitive answer. One page is the norm, depending on the amount of information you want to communicate. Letters certainly do not have to be only one page.

Remind yourself that you already have the company’s interest or you wouldn’t have been interviewing, and use your thank-you letter as a tool to communicate valuable information. The entire job search process is marketing and merchandising your product — you. There is no reason why writing thank-you letters should be any different than any other of your job search activities.

5. Email or Snail Mail?

While there’s something particularly heartwarming about a handwritten note, an email sent within 24 hours of your interview may help hammer home that you’re organized, motivated and on top of your game — traits most employers covet. It may take three days to get your snail mail letter to the company mailroom, let alone the intended recipient. By then, an offer may have been extended to someone else.