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Nonprofit Community Sharing Initiatives and Resolutions to Make 2010 Year of Recovery

Nonprofit Community Sharing Initiatives and Resolutions to Make 2010 Year of Recovery

Business Wire

December 17, 2009

The value and impact of America’s nonprofit community is immeasurable in terms of the positive impact it has on our culture. There is a tendency to forget that the nonprofit sector makes up an estimated six percent of our gross domestic product, employing millions of people while providing services, information and support to hundreds of millions more. With reports that charitable giving is down, nonprofit organizations are planning important initiatives to fulfill their mission objectives in 2010. The fundraising, marketing, program professionals and board members that share responsibility for managing nonprofits are making resolutions for success. According to behavioral experts “talking about and sharing” resolutions is one of the keys to helping ensure people keep resolutions.

To that end, Convio has created a website for nonprofit professionals to share their resolutions, challenges and ideas for 2010: Through an online poll, comments and other feedback, Convio will create a guide to help nonprofits focus on important initiatives for fundraising, marketing and communications professionals. The guide will provide tips, techniques and best practices that can help nonprofits reach their 2010 fundraising and marketing goals, as well as keep their resolutions.

“Collaboration and community are hallmarks of the nonprofit sector,” said Holly Ross, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). “Providing an online forum to share resolutions and getting the community involved in discussing the challenges and solutions helps elevate the entire sector.”

Nonprofit professionals can share their resolutions and insight, as well as register in advance for the guide on the site ( The guide will be available on January 7.

What are the top resolutions thus far?

With the economic downturn, many participants report losing donors and having others give less, moving them to resolve to reestablish those relationships and provide new opportunities to engage as the economy rebounds;

Participants resolve to make their websites more donor and constituent friendly to better tell their story, reach new people and raise funds;

Professionals are looking for technology that helps them better integrate traditional marketing and communications channels with online campaigns;

Use information and data more strategically.

While nonprofit professionals have resolved to continue their positive impact on society, they need everyone’s help. Convio calls on all American’s to resolve to give of their time, talent and money in 2010.

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