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Fool-Proof Pranks for the Office

Hamsa Ramesha | NonProfitPeople

March 31, 2010

Bathroom Bait

5. Bathroom Bait

The Prank:

This complex office joke will guarantee you as the reigning prank master if you can pull it off successfully!

You’ll need a pair of pants, socks, shoes, and something to stuff them with, like a large doll or crushed newspaper. Go into a bathroom stall at work and place the stuffed pants on the toilet seat, so that it looks like someone is using the stall. Lock the stall door and get out of there! Set up a fake bathroom dummy for however many stalls your office bathroom has. If you really want to go for it, hide a tape recorder in the bathroom with sounds of flushing and other bathroom-appropriate noises! Sit back and laugh it up as coworkers wait, and wait, and wait for an empty stall.

Level: A

Congratulations for pulling off a masterful prank without getting caught and successfully frustrating your fellow coworkers. You win major points for pulling off a pretty complicated prank that required a lot of planning, stealth and sheer nerve. You are a prank king!

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