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Blog Your Way to the Perfect Job, 5 Tips

Blog Your Way to the Perfect Job, 5 Tips

Christina Macres | NonProfitPeople

June 08, 2010

On that note…

#3 Choose a Topic That Doesn’t Suck

When starting your blog, don’t just think that it can be about anything and everything that happens in your life. If you are blogging in order to get a job, your blog should be focused on your preferred career path or aspirations.

That being said, you might be a nuclear physicist without any real passion for the subject. If that’s the case, don’t commit yourself to blogging about a topic you hate. Instead, choose an aspect of the industry you can really get in to. Like we said before, employers first want to see your dedication (meaning the amount of work and time you’re putting into the project), then they want to see that you’re actually passionate about what you do. Demonstrate your passion. Pick a topic you love.

#4 Communicate Successfully

It used to be that potential writers were the ones most likely to use blogs to get a job. Nowadays, blogs aren’t just for writers looking for work — or freelancers, even. They are a fantastic means to demonstrate that you’re articulate and can communicate effectively about any subject. A blog is simply a writing sample, only better. Better, because it proves that you can write and are tech-savvy, while allowing employers a peek at your personality. However, before hitting the “publish” button, double-check for spelling and grammar errors and, as a general rule, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Employers don’t want to see your snarky side, no matter how amusing you think it is.

Which brings us to…

#5 Lay Off Hot Button Issues

You do want to get hired, don’t you? For this reason, it probably isn’t best to discuss topics that could make some people mad, sad, frightened, irked, or appalled. Just remember — if you’ve heard it argued on The View, it almost certainly should stay off your blog. Keep it simple and professional at all times. It’s best to think of your blog persona like you would your work persona. Demonstrate that you play well with others, are professional and knowledgeable and you’ll go far!