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Where Are All of the Women Politicians?

Where Are All of the Women Politicians?

Photo by Speaker Pelosi, Creative Commons

GOOD | Andrew Belonsky

June 15, 2010

Perhaps this bipartisanship originates in the female lawmakers’ “issue-oriented” approach. With a goal in mind, they’re perhaps more inclined to iron out the details and see it through. Then there’s what Vilarde and Steele say about distaste for discord.

Women don’t want to rant and rave on Capital Hill; they want to do their job. While their Republican colleagues regularly decry legislation, Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins regularly work with Democrats to get things done in a civil manner.

Of course not all female lawmakers are entirely bipartisan: Many would argue that Democrats Pelosi and Barbara Boxer break that mold. The same could be said about Palin and Clinton, too. More women may be soon added to that list.

There are 23 women currently running for federal office. Eight are Democrats. The remaining 15 come from the GOP. Five of the Democrats are incumbents. Considering the nation’s current anti-incumbent trend, sitting female lawmakers like Boxer may be ousted, and be replaced by Republicans.

Even more worrisome, if female lawmakers get caught up in the tide, they’ll become just as divided as their male colleagues, undercutting the aforementioned bipartisanship. That can’t be good for the legislative process.

Either way you cut it, women are going to be impacted come November, and America will never look the same. That could very well be a good thing, because if reports of efficiency and bipartisanship are to be believed, female lawmakers could be exactly what our struggling nation needs right now.


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