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How Spy Strategies can Strengthen Your Marketing

Nancy E. Schwartz | Getting Attention

July 01, 2010


5. Once you have baseline understanding of each segments’ habits, wants and needs – reach out more broadly via online surveys, informal focus groups and/or brief phone interviews. Focus on learning what’s important to each segment and how that overlaps with your organization’s agenda.

6. Next craft personas – detailed profiles, including a photo – of imaginary representatives of each group you hope to engage.

7. Shape your marketing messages and delivery to these personas, just as the spies shaped themselves to fit into their neighborhoods.

Trench coat, anyone?

P.S. Learn more about personas here: Create Personas to Bridge the Gap with Target Audiences

This article was originally published on Getting Attention


Featured Author: Nancy E. Schwartz
Nancy E. Schwartz helps nonprofits succeed through effective marketing and communications as the publisher of the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter, and as president of New York City-based Nancy Schwartz & Company (NS&C). Nancy and her team at NS&C provide marketing planning and implementation services to organizations as varied as the Corporation for Supportive Housing, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Environmental Health Coalition, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater and the National Center for Biking and Walking.

Nancy is a board member of NTEN and on marketing committees of her synagogue, local PTA and high school. In her life beyond nonprofit marketing, Nancy loves hanging with her husband Sean and daughter Charlotte, occasional triathlons, gardening, cooking/eating, hiking, photo-ing and much more!

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