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How to Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

How to Start Your New Job on the Right Foot

Rob Taub |

July 12, 2010

3. Do Not Over-Do Conversation. Your weekend, evening, lunch, visit…was always “Very good,” quickly followed by “and how was yours?” People ask, but they aren’t necessarily interested in more than that. If they get more than that before they really know you they will steer away the next time.

4. Observe How the Company Gets Things Done. The company’s management style, your boss’ management style; leadership; company culture…become a student of your managers and their leaders. I once heard said, “The best classroom is at the feet of an elder.” The bell has rung; so now take a seat and really pay attention.

5. Be a Class Act. Don’t get drawn into the chitter-chatter of gossipers. Smile, nod in agreement if you must, but do not gossip. If you do people will not put their trust in you. Practice being a good listener and consider everything you hear, even if it plainly is gossip, as if it were most private. Bite your tongue and you won’t go wrong.

6. Gain the Confidence of Others. Give credit to others up and down the line. Be humble when given credit and say only “Thank you.” For the first few weeks defer to others for advice; defer to your boss’s lead. After you have gained the confidence of your boss and others, maybe 30-60 days, you can start making recommendations.

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