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How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit

How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit


Your Fundraising Campaign And Your Story

Just as you should view your nonprofit as a business, you must handle your fundraising initiative like a marketing team would conduct promotional efforts. In other words, you need a “sales campaign.” Now we’re not talking about trying to sell the iPhone 3G or the latest luxury hybrid, but we are talking about creating a brand that people can identify with and trust. To create trust, your nonprofit must sell a compelling message that inspires an audience to take immediate action in support of your cause.

In most cases, the decision to give to a nonprofit is made based on one’s feelings about the cause, not on reason or rationale. Behind every great movement, there is a spellbinding story or chain of events that evokes emotion and reflection. Think back to when you decided to work with your nonprofit. What was it about the organization’s cause that drew you in so deeply? What made you want to dedicate your valuable time and energy to this initiative? How did the message reach you?

Odds are, at some point you witnessed someone in need of assistance – maybe someone you know has breast cancer, or lost their home in Hurricane Katrina, or doesn’t have access to drinkable water, or has contracted HIV. Maybe you saw a documentary on global warming and you’re concerned about the environment. The possibilities are endless. Whatever or whomever it was that triggered your call to action, that catalyst spoke to you on a personal level. Someone’s story touched you. To sell people on your nonprofit, you need to spark their emotions in the same way, through vivid storytelling. Images, writings, recordings, anything that can be used to share the situations and journeys of the individuals your nonprofit helps should be featured in your campaign. This will help potential donors visualize how their contributions will impact the cause.

Your Fundraising Campaign And The Call To Action