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How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit

How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit



Once you’ve established how you’re going to tell your nonprofit’s stories, there are multiple ways you can spread the word about your fundraising initiative. You can send e-mails or direct mailers, telephone prospects, or canvas door-to-door.

Viral marketing is a strategy that is growing rapidly in all marketing efforts, but nonprofits especially can use it to their advantage because of its low cost. You’ll want to establish a strong online presence for your cause on major social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and develop and maintain a comprehensive site describing your organization’s mission. By becoming a Causecast featured organization, you can help bolster your nonprofit’s reputation and online presence.

You can also look into cause-related marketing, which is a fairly new concept in the nonprofit world. CRM involves the collaborative efforts of a for-profit business and a nonprofit group. This kind of strategic planning is put forth to promote the for-profit’s product or service and to raise money for the nonprofit. Cause marketing deviates from corporate philanthropy because the monies involved in CRM are not donations, and therefore they’re not tax-deductible. That’s not to say that corporations don’t still benefit from cause-marketing. It improves their company image in the eyes of consumers and almost always helps boost their sales. For more established organizations, convince a corporation to team up and you’ve got a surefire way to get funds for your organization and make your nonprofit a household name.

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