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How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit

How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit


Writing Grants

Once your organization is up and running, it may qualify for program-specific grants or philanthropic gifts. Grant writing requires a great deal of time and research, and is highly competitive. You will want to hire someone or appoint an individual inside your group, who specializes in composing grants and has a proven track record of successes.

Program officers, who decide whether or not their companies should make contributions to nonprofits, look for success stories and effective leadership as evidence that their donations will have a positive impact.

To begin the grant writing process, you will need to draft a case statement, which lets potential donors know how you’re going to use their money. Essentially, the case statement is where state your “case”, explaining why the business you’re approaching should write a check for your nonprofit.

Your case statement should highlight your mission and why it is important for the world. Here again, story telling will come into play. You’ll want to include your primary objectives with numbers and facts, as well as the blueprint for how you plan to see your goals to fruition.

Remember, timing is everything. You’ll want to ask corporations for donations when the market is doing well and there is a low turn-around rate. But even if the arrows are all red and pointing downward, don’t be afraid to ask companies for charitable gifts. If your nonprofit’s story is powerful and draws in your audience, anything is possible. If you don’t ask, the answer is no anyway.

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