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30 Twitter Tips for the NonProfit Worker

30 Twitter Tips for the NonProfit Worker


21. Use direct messages

If the Twitter community will not benefit from conversations, consider using direct messages for 1-to-1 conversations.

22. Learn the lingo

A lot of people use shorthand to post Twitter messages. If you come across an abbreviation you don’t know, you can check it in this Twitter Dictionary.

23. Be diplomatic

Not everyone in the world will share your beliefs. If you disagree with someone, don’t hesitate to share your own view. Just remember to be diplomatic.

24. Don’t flame

Flaming is unprofessional and unwelcome on Twitter. If one of the people you are following posts something you really don’t like, quit following them. It’s a simple as that.

25. Don’t post anything you don’t want someone else to see

Watch what you say in your tweets–especially if you use your real name or picture. Never post anything that you wouldn’t want your employer, students, or parents to see.

26. Beware of tweeting from school

Some schools have policies that bar teachers from using social media sites while they are at work. Be sure to check your employee handbook before using Twitter on the job.

27. Focus on relevant tweets

If you follow a lot of people, it can be difficult sorting through all their tweets. You can find tweets that are relevant to you by using one of the many apps created for this purpose. A good one to try is Tweetizen.

28. Build relationships

Try to look beyond the obvious value of Twitter. This social media platform is a great way to build long-term relationships with other educators.

29. Communicate with others

Above all, Twitter is a social media tool. Use it to be social and communicate with other people.

30. Find more Twitter tips online

There are many different ways for teachers to use Twitter. You can learn more by searching the Internet for additional tips.

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