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Want to Help a Nonprofit? Plan a Fundraising Event

Keesa Ocampo / NonProfitPeople

Planning a fundraising event is a great skill to add to your nonprofit toolbox.

Hosting a fundraiser isn’t rocket science. When you care enough about a cause to consider raising awareness or funds, you’re already halfway there. These are a few guidelines to help you put together a successful fundraiser with minimal fuss and hazard.

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Featured Author: Keesa Ocampo
Keesa Ocampo is a 27-year old community relations officer for the international media conglomerate, ABS-CBN International. A young philanthropist and community advocate, her involvement began as a board member of numerous Asian Pacific American organizations and resulted in co-founding the progressive organization Citizen Hope. Inspired by the energy generated during the Obama campaign, the group formed with a commitment to engage in community and civic service projects. The series of global disasters of 2009 prompted Ocampo to co-found Bay Area Benefit, which serves the international community through “guerilla philanthropy.” Her fundraising skills have benefited numerous disaster relief efforts and have supported initiatives towards equality and justice. Keesa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.