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Want to Help a Nonprofit? Plan a Fundraising Event

Keesa Ocampo / NonProfitPeople

How To: Organize for Your Fundraiser

I’ve always found it helpful to first lock down the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. Choose a cause or respond to an urgent situation in the community that you care about. We always work better, inspired! When deciding on a date, at least three weeks is ample time to prepare, promote and execute. But the more time you have, the better.

Selecting a venue is crucial. Go through your contacts list and prioritize businesses that are community-focused and where you might have personal contacts that can help you plan. Finding a location that will not charge you too much guarantees that you’ll be able to take home more for your nonprofit. Bargain with business owners! If you can guarantee an amount of people on a slower day of the week, you’re supporting them by bringing in more foot traffic. That way, you’re knocking down two birds with one stone: supporting charities and local businesses!

You can also ask businesses if they are willing to contribute to the cause by donating a percentage off the bar or food consumption. In return, you can offer publicity for their business and sometimes, even a tax break.

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