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How to: Organize a 5K Charity Run

Malika Chopra | GOOD


Step 5. Enlist the help of local businesses.

Write letters, make phone calls, set up in-person meetings. Who can help finance or publicize the event? If they can’t give money, can they donate supplies? Can a local printing shop donate flyers and ads or T-shirts? Check out big companies too. You never know what corporations would be willing to give away: water, energy bars, snacks, sports drinks?

Step 6. Spread the word!

Get the word out in digital and non-digital form: Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, Craigslist, newspapers, magazines, local TV stations, local radio shows, and community centers. Pass out pamphlet and flyers. Consider also runner’s publications, runner’s websites and other media outlets in the running community. Ask the charity you are supporting to help spread word about your event as well.

Step 7. The day of the event!

Make sure that you, your planning committee and your volunteers all know what they are responsible for. Have informational charity brochures and flyers to pass out to the spectators. Encourage people to donate to the cause even if they are not a runner or a walker. By enlisting all the runners and non-runners to donate their time and money, you are maximizing your impact on the community.

Step 8. Say thank you!

Now that you are done with cleaning up, returning the equipment and tying up the loose ends with the finances, don’t stop there. Thank all the volunteers and participants for making this a successful event. Publicize the successful outcome of your event to your family, friends and contacts. Write a blog entry about your experience. By sharing the fruits of your labor with others, you never know who else might be inspired to make a positive health impact in his or her neighborhood.

Feeling inspired? Read about other people who have successfully organized charity runs in their communities here and here.

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